Thursday, 25 January 2007

Latest from Lotusphere - WebSphere Portal Express v6 ....

Not too much of a surprise, but definitely welcome.

IBM WebSphere Portal Express capabilities include:

* Integrated portal content management: Gives business users the ability to create and manage portal content without IT intervention or support.
* Contextual collaboration: Enables users to share information and collaborate within the context of an application (e.g. within a Customer Relationship Management application) in which they are working. Provides access to collaboration tools including instant messaging, Web conferencing and team workspaces.
* Single sign-on (SSO): The basis for seamless, secure digital-identity based access to multiple enterprise applications, systems and networks.
* Roles-based access: Offers advanced control over access to information, content and applications based on users' roles and responsibilities in the organization.
* Search: Facilitates searching, indexing and displaying information from multiple portal sites and document libraries.
* Composite applications support: Uses select components and logic from two or more applications to build a completely new application. Composite applications are built on a services oriented architecture (SOA) so they can be optimized and dynamically changed.
* Workspace customization tools: Allow users to customize their work environments and navigate to the information they want and need.

WebSphere Portal Express Version 6.0 features and enhancements:

* Intranet and extranet example sites that install in under an hour.
* Portal interface includes new themes, drag & drop customization, and fly-out menus.
* Web content management capability reduces implementation time and costs by placing content creation and management firmly in the hands of content experts for "author once, publish everywhere" control. The end result is that web content can be kept more accurate and updated more frequently.
* Improved document management tools enable users to easily share, view, and organize files of all types in a central location.
* Support for access to a wide variety of applications including Lotus Notes, Microsoft® Office and Microsoft Windows® applications, lets your employees work with the applications they know.
* Improved instant messaging and presence awareness based on proven Lotus Sametime technology.
* Designed for an out of the box experience, with intranet and extranet sites that can easily be tailored to a customer's specific needs included.
* Includes Lotus Component Designer, an innovative, easy-to-use, standards-based development tool that allows application designers to easily create components for IBM WebSphere Portal Express.
* Based on the latest version of WebSphere Portal and provides extended capabilities with support of WebSphere Portlet Factory, Workplace Forms, Workplace for Business Strategy Execution, and the Workplace Dashboard Framework.
* Enhanced administration, including the ability to delegate select administration actions to end users to reduce administrative overhead.
* Improved search capabilities.
* Better performance.
* Additional improvements include list portlets with workflow and alerts, enhanced themes and skins, and improved mail and calendar portlets.


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