Wednesday, 28 February 2007

ThemeWeaver - Like DreamWeaver but ..... for themes

ThemeWeaver's objective is to help you create/modify WP6 themes and skins to your requirements.

There is no actual "installation" process required. All you need to do is download and save the whole directory structure somewhere on your hard disk, then open the index.htm file in your browser.

It is based on modifying a "base theme", of which there is only one at this time, called the "OmniCorp" theme. When time permits I will create more base themes to choose from. The idea is that you choose a base theme as your starting point, then adjust the various settings to modify it to what you need. Therefore it is not suitable for modifying your own theme because your settings will be in different from what is documented, which only applies to the selected base theme.

ThemeWeaver is also partly educational tool, as you have discovered. It is not meant to do everything for you, but only act as a guide. By making the adjustments yourself, you soon get a good understanding of the theme/skin file structure and parameters and you will be able to make your own changes beyond what ThemeWeaver offers. If the tool did everything for you, you will be restricted to what it can do and nothing else.

And yes, it is definitely shareable outside IBM. There is nothing there that is proprietary and if it makes customers/business partners more productive that is all good. Just make sure you tell them it is on an "as is" basis and there is no support commitment, although feedback is welcome (using the integrated feedback channel).

Make sure you read the important notes in the index.htm start page under "Setting up and getting around" and all will be sweet.

A darn good tool .....

Hi. I'm interested with this. Where can I download the so called ThemeWeaver ? Thanks!!
Hi. I'm interested with this. Where can I download the so called ThemeWeaver ? Thanks!!
James, I'll post a link, Dave
James, link is here ->

Please be aware that this is as-is only, and there will be **NO** support available for the tool.
Hi. I tried downloading the link but it says 404 file not found. Sorry to bother you. Please let me know where to download by emailing me at : Thanks!!
Doh, sorry, that was a typo on my part. Please try: -


Hi .. I lost the file sorry about my carelessness. Is it possible to download again from your site ? thanks!!
Hi Dave... this is James. ThemeWeaver has been a good tool for me in designing the themes. The problem is , I reformatted my hard disk and i forgot to backup ThemeWeaver. Will you be able to post it ? Or send to me at ? Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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