Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Leveraging WebSphere Portal V6 programming model - parts 1, 2 and 3 ( UPDATED LAST WEEK )

Leveraging WebSphere Portal V6 programming model

Part 1. Managing
portlet configuration using the edit_defaults mode

Use the hierarchical portlet preferences model to provide flexibility in
your portlets.


Part 2. Advanced URL generation in themes and portlets

This article describes and shows how to use the latest additions to the
URL generation capabilities for themes, skins, and portlets in IBM
WebSphere Portal Version 6. With these new services, portlets can
generate links to other portlets and pages for a broader variety of use
cases than in previous versions. Portal and portlet developers learn
when and how to use these new features


Part 3. Introducing Composite Application Workflow in WebSphere Portal

This third part in the series descibes how to use Composite Application
Workflow to design and run workflows in a WebSphere Portal environment.
You learn the primary capabilities and see how to implement and use a
simple workflow


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