Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Nice litle utility .... and it uses a command line too :)

A colleague (thanks John) just introduced me to a whizzy little tool for delivering Adobe PDF-based presentations, KeyJnote, which runs on Unix, Windows and OSX.

It provides some lovely transition effects and, more importantly, allows the presenter to highlight areas of the "slide" using a user-defined rectangle or a circle ( far better than the "laser" pointer ), provides zooming capabilities and, even better, provides a pan-out mode where all the "slides" in the deck can be previewed.

This makes navigation far easier than the traditional way, and all of the effects can be driven from keyboard commands or, I guess, specific mouse buttons.

Check it out: -

and enjoy presenting once more.

PS Don't have presentations in PDF format ? Shame on you - Lotus Symphony allows you to export from ODF or PPT to PDF ( as does Open Office )


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