Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Managing web content with ... Web Content Management

Spent a fun few hours last night, and again this AM, setting up a WCM demonstration environment, using a simple end-to-end lab created by one of my colleagues.

The lab takes one through the creation of site, site area, authoring and presentation templates, menu component and a add/edit/approve toolbar.

I've used this lab before, and never really fully appreciated how beautiful WCM actually is. For some reason, this time around, it just made so much sense.

Having used the lab, I then started to get clever, and, without too much hard work, I had two portlets; one with a list of content and one displaying the actual content, with an add button on the list and an edit button on the actual content item.

I tried, and failed, to include a PDM link in the content item - I was pushing my luck at this point so, remembering the first rule , I decided to quit whilst I was ahead.

Ironically, I'm attending a 2-day WCM Proof-of-Technology event on November 22/23, and then a formal 3-day WCM class the following week. Therefore, by the end of the month, I'll be the absolute guru ( NOT! ).

Seriously, WCM rocks and, given that it's core to solutions like Quickr, it's good to know.

Dave, I agree WCM is a great product, but "beautiful" I am not so sure!

Goof to hear that you getting a change to play with it and build more than just the basic demo sites. As a partner that is really investing in WCM right now, the more IBMers that really know and understand it the better!
For what it's worth, the PDM link challenge was resolved by the most recent WCM fixpack ( ), Dave
Stu, am half-way through the WCM class, and I stand by my earlier comments - WCM is a beautiful thing.

It does require some applied knowledge, which makes given the potential complexity of managing a massive intranet or extranet web site.

Even with half the learning completed, I now have a much clearer idea of what I was doing in the end-to-end lab, and have a much clearer idea of the WCM solution architecture, and benefits thereof.
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