Tuesday, 25 December 2007

New Nadger

Santa ( ahem, the missus ) kindly bought me a new iPod Touch ( aka iTouch ) for Christmas this year.

Just starting to play but ..... wow, omg, it's a nice bit of kit.

Just need to work out how to blog from it and I'm good to go ......


My missus has one - fantastic piece of kit. The bit I liked the most was the Safari/wifi access. Better than any other mobile web solution I've seen! Facebook & You Tube are particularly impressive.

From what I've read elsewhere, Apple are allegedly going to release a SDK for the iTouch / iPhone in February, which may give us even more bells and whistles.

I'll watch and wait ....


Not sure if it helps you at all, but I used Videora iPod Converter from here: -


to convert some MPEGs ( .MPG ) to the format that the iPod and iTunes supports ( .MP4 ).

Am just about to sync the movie across .......
Yep, worked for me - a few glitches in the playback of the movie on the iTouch, but I suspect that's due to the original video quality, Dave
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