Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Learn by doing, not by reading ...

Well, it works for me anyway and, providing you have the time to make mistakes, lessons learnt in this way normally stick.

What triggered this post ? I've spent the past two days installing and configuring Lotus Quickr Services for WebSphere Portal v8.0.0.2 on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux VMware image.

No major problems *until* I ran into a "Too many open files" error within SystemOut.log. I saw this when I was navigating the Quickr environment.

This rang bells from way back in 2001 when I was first playing with WebSphere Application Server on various flavours of Unix. The fix was always to increase the OS' file descriptor limit which, on Linux, is done using the ulimit command.

Well, I thought to myself - surely I can't be the first person to find this with Quickr which is, after all, based upon WebSphere Application Server ?

Then I remembered an email exchange from a colleague, Rob H, who'd pointed this out as one of the "gotchas" with Quickr on Linux.

I checked the Information Centre here and, lo and behold, found: -

Setting File Descriptor Limit

Prior to installing Lotus Quickr, set the file descriptor limit to 40000. For example: ulimit -n 40000 If this is not done, the Lotus Quickr installation may fail.

Well, I managed to survive the installation and fixpack upgrade, but fell at a later hurdle instead.

Never mind, I've increased the limit, rebooted for good measure, and restarted Quickr.

One lives and one learns ....

Happy New Year

It's worth noting that setting ulimit does NOT survive a reboot, so one either needs to do this in a script ( I use a script to start Quickr so added it there ) or in a startup script e.g. /etc/profile.

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