Friday, 25 January 2008

Lotusphere 2008 - Cooking Up A Storm ...

Well, Lotusphere closed as it opened - on a high.

As I sat in the closing session in the Dolphin, watching the room fill up with those who hadn't yet headed out to the scrum Ctrl-D airport, I heard the name of the guest speaker and thought to myself .... wow, they got Gordon Brown.

Sadly, I was mistaken - it was Alton Brown, who's more like Gordon Ramsay than Gordon Brown e.g. a TV cook.

However, unlike Mr Ramsay, he was actually very funny - lots of tech jokes, lots of geek humour, lots of generalizations about geek food ( which, of course, are completely irrelevant in the UK, where we IT folks like nothing more than cordon bleu, and never go anywhere near Pot Noodle, coffee, Red Bull, beer, coffee, kebabs, pizza, coffee etc. ).

A perfect end to a perfect week.

What's more, Lotus confirmed Lotusphere for 2009 ... and 2010 .... and 2011 ... and on and on and on until 2015 ( which must've made the S&D folks fairly happy ).

Will be going home tomorrow night ( Friday ), room is packed, Blade is on the telly, and I'm ready to go hit the malls to shop until I ( or, more likely, my credit card ) drops.

PS I say Tomato

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