Sunday, 20 January 2008

Lotusphere - here we go ...

Well, arrived at Orlando airport bang on time, despite leaving Gatwick 10-15 minutes late.

It was a long flight, especially in the somewhat ageing Boeing 747-500, but at least there were no major dramas at any point in the journey :-)

Took an hour to get through US Immigration and Customs - no real reason, apart from the fact that they only had 50% of the booths open. Again, a pain, but no real drama.

The taxi journey to my hotel was exciting, mainly because Mother Nature decided to totally trump the man-made attractions, with a very impressive thunderstorm, complete with sheet lightning and sheeting rain ( why oh why do they call it driving rain, when you really don't want to drive in it ? ).

Right, enough blogging - time to get a shower, and then go get a beer :-)

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