Thursday, 14 February 2008

New toy - and it just works out of the box

I'm on my third Bluetooth headset - I cannot find one that I really like e.g. one that's comfortable, holds a charge for more than 50 seconds, that will connect to my phone and laptop etc. etc.

I've had a Jabra BT250v( or summat ) for a while now and it's kinda OK, but it's not perfect - AND I WANT PERFECT.

Well, I took the plunge and ordered a new headset the other day - it's a Plantronics Voyager 510 ... and it's totally awesome.

It comes with a USB charger ( now that is soo cool ) and will pair with TWO devices simultaneously. So I have it paired with my good old Nokia phone AND my laptop.

One wrinkle - the manual comes on CD-ROM ( along with a slew of other paperwork ) and I didn't have my CD-ROM drive to hand.

Nae bother, I just Googled for the model, and found a post from some review site where they told me which magic buttons to press to pair it and ... voila, it just bloomin' worked.

Got back to the hotel tonight ( am in Edinburgh which is why my accent has changed ) and paired it up with my Thinkpad - 30 seconds later, I've got Skype running, and am chatting with Her Indoors.

So, 10/10 for Plantronics - lightweight headset, good noise cancelling ( means I can use it when cycling ) and a bloody USB charged - how cool is that ?

Now to get it to work with the iPod Touch - darn, no Bluetooth ( yet ).


PS Looked at the Which? website - the Jabra got their best buy rating ( 77% ) and the Plantronics wasn't even mentioned ! Hah

I agree, I have a Voyager 510 since a few month and is way over any other headset i had own! Don't forget to install the "personocall" software that let's do thinks like answer to skype calls by simply pressing the voyager button.
Hey Guiseppe, cool, I'll check it out - I guess I need to unwrap that CD at some point :-)
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