Friday, 15 February 2008

Pride goeth before a fall

Well, this post was going to be entitled something witty like "Street Life" or "Fun in the City" 'cos I was strolling through the streets of Edinburgh on the way to my office, backpack on my ... er ... back, and a venti hazlenut triple shot skinny latte in my hand, thinking that life was just so darn good ..........

when .....

I tripped ( obviously due to uneven paving rather than my own incompetence ) over.

Managed to keep the latte (mostly) in its cup, apart from the bits of frothy foam that flew all over my suit, jacket and topcoat .....

Nothing damaged apart from my pride - if you were sitting on the Number 10 bus across the road, then I hope I gave you a bit of a giggle.

Still, despite that, life is good - coffee is going down nicely, VMware is doing its thing and WebSphere Integration Developer is just about to be downloading ( the bandwidth is better here in the office than in the Rad - you get what you pay for with free broadband ).

Right, back to ............. coffee

he he... I recently had a mug of coffee "spontaneously" explode all over my desk. Not due to uneven pavement I'm afraid... blame lands squarely on my own incompetence. And life was going so well that day too. I thank God Almighty for nano-technology micro fiber pants, from whence which said coffee rolled right off to soak into my fabric covered desk chair. Life is good. :-)
See ... that's why this world is going to hell and fast ...

"a venti hazlenut triple shot skinny latte"

Seriously. What's with this general affection people seem to have over odd names for coffee & milk?

It's not like it is fine wine or whiskey.

What's next? A special education for people wanting to be able to guess the correct vintage of the coffee beans ??

Sorry, Dave ... I'm not really taking a swipe at you here. You became the undeserved victim.
But really - did "a venti hazlenut triple shot skinny latte" over "cup of coffee" really add to the story?

JEC II - watch out for those nanites, especially in the trouser department

Lars - absolutely - for me, the phrase "cup of coffee" would've understated the value ( to me ) of the beverage, especially given it was the first of the day. In addition, I'm a pedantic beggar who likes to call a spade a straight edged metal-based wooden-handled digging tool :-)

Fork, handles. Four candles. (RIP Ronnie Barker).
@Steve - har har har :-)
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