Friday, 4 April 2008

Lotusphere Comes To You

Well, it was a busy busy week - my colleague, Rob, and I had a bit of a road trip, and covered a lot of business miles from Staines -> Wembley -> Carlisle -> Manchester -> Hampshire.

The Mini performed admirably, even though it was drinking fuel like a thirsty Lotus geek drinks beer anything - when I got my first Mini in 2002, I could fill up for about £35ish - now it costs more than £50 :-(

LCTY in Wembley was fun, and it was good to see so many happy :-) people there. However, the long journey north was definitely on my mind, and I was glad to escape at 1430ish and hit the road.

Once Rob and I had finished our meeting oop north on Wednesday, we headed south to Manchester ( there's not many who can say that ) and met up with the team at the Rad. As we walked in the door, Chrissy handed us a bottle of beer, and the day was sorted. Had a good post-meeting celebration with Rob and Darren, and then headed off for dinner with those nice Polymorph folks, which rounded things off nicely, and I was glad to hit the sack.

LCTY was great - I was possibly slightly more chilled than I had been, and found the whole thing far more fun. I met a lot of my team, including a new recruit to Lotus, and also had a number of most excellent discussions with some of my clients, and also a few of our partners.

We hit the road at 1700ish, and I was home in time for House on C5 :-)

In closing, it was a great trip, and I met a lot of lovely people, saw a lot of cool tech and drank a lot of coffee ( no change there ). My thanks and respect go out to the team who organized this ( Chrissy and co. ) - I'm looking forward to next year already.

PS Did you see John ? Was he smiling ? I bet he was :-)

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