Friday, 18 April 2008

Me Geek, Me Evangelist

Well, it's been a grand week, with plenty of miles under the tyres and, perhaps more importantly, some great client meetings.

Spent yesterday morning talking about the wonders of XML-based intelligent documents ( aka e-forms ), useful in all sorts of environments. Was well received, although I really need to remember to quit when I've made my point - and just stop talking :-)

Spent some time with my colleague, Rob, this AM, talking with a client about the wonders of Lotus Notes as a "portal", bringing applications, data and processes into the client, using composite applications, JSR 168 portlets, widgets etc. This, along with the other well-known features of the Notes client ( Sametime, Activities, Feeds, Quickr etc. ) made the difference.

All in all, a most excellent week.

Now for the weekend and, come Monday, it's back to my roots - WebSphere Portal n' stuff.

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