Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Web Application Integrator for IBM WebSphere Portal

I've just had a quick "play" with the Web Application Integrator (WAI), as per the following screenshot ( my blog delivered through a normal portal page ).

The WAI documentation is pretty good, and seems quite simple ( for me, which is important ). I downloaded it from here.

Once I'd deployed the WAI code onto my portal server, I merely needed to: -

a) Create a new URL within my page hierarchy, pointing at the external URL of my blog -
b) Use this newly created URL to generate some custom JavaScript code ( WAI does this for you at the click of a mouse )
c) Paste this JavaScript code into the <BODY> tag of my blog ( this is part of the blog template on )
d) Navigate to the portal page

As you can see, the portal page navigation is preserved, although I lost the Launch menu and the breadcrumbs: -

I did the same thing with a much simpler HTML page, with the following effects: -

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, nice !

hi david

using this at a client site : and a colleague asked about scalability : what's yr view on that?

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