Wednesday, 16 April 2008

WebSphere Portlet Factory - A Sheep Dip

Had a good day today ( as always ) - took my extended team through WebSphere Portlet Factory from soup to nuts ( well, from soup to appetisers ).

Focused on getting the Designer installed, patched up to the latest version and then demonstrated how it can be used to rapidly build and test web applications using WebSphere Application Server Community Edition.

Also showed how WebSphere Dashboard Framework can be used to extend the reach of WebSphere Portlet Factory, allowing the developer to build real-time dashboards via web applications, portlets *AND* rich client applications ( via Lotus Notes or Lotus Expeditor, using JSR 168 portlets or SWT components ). I also demonstrated how easy it is to deploy onto a "real" WebSphere Portal environment.

From the feedback, I think I hit the sweet spot, and hope that the word continues to spread .....

PS The wiki went down well.

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