Thursday, 29 May 2008

Lotus TechJam - Wow, what an event

Congratulations to the team - it was a most excellent day, with a good
turnout ( more than expected apparently ) and great feedback from the
customers AND techies in their sexy black polo shirts.

Black is the new yellow is the new black.


Dave - a tech question for you. Any idea how to get Quickr on Portal not to time out? Many business users open a doc, leave it open during the day, and check it in hours later only to find the session has timed out and they've 'lost' their changes?
Jon, sounds like LTPA / session timeout problems to me.

Please see: -

This is for QS4LD rather than QS4WP, but the solution should remain the same e.g. increase the LTPA timeout etc.


Cheers - it's not LTPA as there's no single sign-on. It's certainly is that area though so will see if I can find it...
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