Sunday, 18 May 2008

Ubuntu - The Journey Continues

Well, I was happy with the OS installation, and was able to get my VPN
client ( Lotus Mobile Connect ) and Lotus Notes 8.0.1 ( with widgets )

However, I did hit a few bottlenecks - although Linux could see/pair my
Plantronics 510 headset, I couldn't seem to do anything useful with it
e.g. use it for Skype calls etc. despite faffing around for an hour or
so - Google had many many fine answers, but none of them fixed it for
me, Jim.

Hardy also didn't want to see my iPod Touch - it thought it was a
camera, albeit briefly, but never actually showed me anything useful
e.g. a mount point etc. I didn't spend too much time on that, because (
I thought ) I could always use a Windows image running in VMware for
those apps/devices that woni't run under Windows.

Ha, think again.

No matter what I tried, I wasn't able to get VMware Workstation 6.0.3 (
downloaded from the VMware site as a RPM and converted using ALIEN ) to
install, despite hacking around with VMMON.TAR etc. I also tried VMware
Server, again downloaded - as a .tar.gz. In both cases, having finally
got the installation and the to execute, I was still
left with the situation that the vmware binary refused to run,
suggesting that my configuration wasn't OK, and that I needed to (re)run again.

I spent an hour or so on this before giving up and watching telly.

Still a fun day all the same ................

For a client, I've switched from VMWare to Sun's VirtualBox. The seamless mode is like running WINE.
Hi Jack, thanks for this - a colleague also mentioned Virtual Box in the bar (!) last night, so I'll check it out, regards, Dave
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