Monday, 26 May 2008

Using Eventing in WebSphere Portlet Factory

Some time ago, I built a demonstration using WebSphere Portlet Factory, and wanted to show how I could select from a list of reports in one portlet and display the report in a second portlet on the same page.

I know that this can be achieved using Cooperative Portlets and Property Broker, but I was looking for a more Q&D way to achieve it.

Therefore, I used the Eventing support within WPF.

I've now got around to properly documenting it here. I'm using the Event Declaration and Event Handler builders in WPF.

Hope this helps someone somewhere.

PS The ZIP file includes four Excel spreadsheets that need to be placed into a subdirectory called reports in the WebContent folder of your project.

PPS I've used the Summary and Drilldown builder to build the reports - this is only available with the builders that ship with WebSphere Dashboard Framework - if needed, you can use a View and Form builder to achieve similar results.

Great sample Dave, Portlet Factory is so powerful, but so little tutorials is available.

Every piece of information deserves attention.

Thanks again.
Hi, thanks for the comment - I'd also direct you to the WPF wiki on developerWorks here: -

as it's got some excellent material.

Also, don't forget the samples models and help that are included with the product.


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