Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Easy as Pie

Downloaded the beta yesterday AM, and installed on Hardy in about 5 minutes this AM. This is my non-production environment, so I merely uninstalled Notes 8.0.1 ( installed as .DEB having converted from .RPM ) and then installed 8.5 in its place. I left my Notes data directory in situ and it just worked.

Notice that Sametime, Symphony, Widgets etc. have not yet made it into the beta.

I did get a NSD when I tried to paste in the above image from the clipboard (having opened the .PNG file in The GIMP).

Interestingly, the "NSD is running ..." window stayed on the screen and didn't seem to do anything. When I ran the NSD.SH script from a console, I get: -

/opt/ibm/lotus/notes/nsd.sh: line 169: s;[()]; ;g: command not found
/opt/ibm/lotus/notes/nsd.sh: line 169: {print substr($2,1,32);}: command not found

which loops ad infinitum. In the end, I used kill -9 against the Eclipse process.

Will check out the 8.5 beta forum - I suspect I'm missing some package on Hardy ...

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