Friday, 27 June 2008

Lotus Notes 8.0.2 - like 8.0.1 but soooo much faster

Am running this on Ubuntu ( Hardy ) having converted the RPMs to DEBs using Alien. The startup time is considerably improved - 8.0.1 averaged 11.75 seconds to the password prompt, whereas 8.0.2 takes 2.5 seconds to reach the same point, and I have my mail file open within the 11.75 seconds ( if I type my password fast enough ).

Another nice feature - Sametime now automatically logs in, which never seem to happen on 8.0.1.

And widget work without needing to use that nice Mr Davies' tip.

All in all, I'm that much closer to staying on Ubuntu for ever - just need to get suspend/resume working, and also figure out why wireless broke after a kernel update :-(

Curious, what type of system are you running?
@Richard - 2007-AE7 Thinkpad T60p Core Duo with 3 GB RAM
Dave, any chance you've got a ~3 yr old junker with just a gig of RAM lying around to compare with? I'm looking at these times and thinking there must be something inherently quicker with Linux, so I'm hoping we can get real world time reports on older machines running XP as well.

My client was expressing serious concern about 8.0.1 load times just yesterday right before I read Ed's 8.0.2 post, and we are faced with exactly this problem of older hardware on 3-yr replacement cycles.

Very timely discussion. Thanks!
@Kevin, funnily enough, I was going to fire Ubuntu up on a very old Thinkpad T30 with 1 GB RAM. Will do, and let you ( and the world !! ) know, regards, Dave
Dave, interesting you experienced problems with ST on 801... Certainly on my machine, integrated ST auto logs in when I start Notes (8.0.1, XP)....
@Lewis - worth noting that my experiences with 8.0.1 and Sametime not automatically signing in were on the Ubunu Linux platform, whereas you're running Windows XP. XP worked for me also
Ahead of the pack again! Where is the 8.0.2 download? Internal only? Did you do a fresh install? I have noticed that in 8.5 with a fresh install widgets do not seem to work whereas if I copy my working system and then upgrade my widgets are back. Ubuntu rocks!
@candobetter - sorry, Notes 8.0.2 is only available in an internal beta at present.

This time around I did a clean installation on Hardy, but I had previously installed 8.0.2 over the top of 8.0.1.

I did see a need to upgrade libasound2 to a more recent level ( 1.0.16 ) rather than the default levle ( 1.0.15 ). Not sure why but I found the more recent level here.

Widgets worked out of the box - I have a library of widget (XML) files from 8.0.1 which just worked ....
I also found that I needed to install an updated version of xulrunner-lwp ( ) aka Xulrunner for IBM Lotus Notes 8

Without this, I wasn't able to preview email messages properly.
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