Thursday, 21 August 2008

QS4LD Hotfix 19 - Lessons Learnt

In short, RTFM or, to be more specific, RTFR ( Read The Flippin' Readme ).

Having downloaded HF19 as a JAR file, I did the usual (l)user thing of simply double-clicking on the JAR; saw a nice GUI but not much more.

In the end, I actually read the readme and realized that: -

(a) I hadn't copied the JAR to \Lotus\Domino\jvm\lib\ext
(b) I hadn't added \Lotus\Domino to my system path

Once I did both these things, I was able to double-click on the JAR and perform the installation which, after a couple of minutes, ended successfully with: -

PS The thing that finally triggered me actually reading the readme was the error: -

at java.lang.String.contains(Unknown Source)
at NamesFinder.runNotes(
at Source)
at FileMover.backUpSystemFiles(
at FileMover.startMove(
at Chooser.<init>(
at ThreadLabel.main(

in \Lotus\Domino\HF19Backup\error.log.

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