Friday, 22 August 2008

Searching with Domino Web Access 8.0.1

Initially, I wondered where the Search bar was in Domino Web Access ( Full or Lite ).

Then I realized that I needed to set the Enable full-text indexing for searching flag in my mail file preferences: -

Once done, here's the search bar: -

Nice :-)

I had this problem the other day, a colleague of mine was complaining he couldn't see the search box, in the Full Web client. I access my mail file predominantly through the Notes 8 Client or the Lite web mail. My mail has been full text indexed locally for ages. But if I access my Lite Web mail file, search box is available in the Lite client, but not in the Full web client. As you pointed out, I set the indexing property in the Full web mail, and the search box it's always available in Lite web mail?
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