Friday, 19 September 2008

How's about this for a name - IBM WebSphere Portal Widget Portlet

"...IBM WebSphere Portal Widget Portlet provides customizable,
personalized, and managed access to widgets that are compliant with the
iWidget Specification, thus extending the existing capabilities of
WebSphere Portal to provide flexible integration with web components,
independent of their technology. With the IBM WebSphere Portal Widget
Portlet, users can leverage widgets on their portal pages side by side
with portlets, Gadgets or other web components, enabling the creation of
portal-based mashups tailored to the situational requirements of an

Using IBM Websphere Portal Widget Portlet, an end user can view a
predefined widget, modify its preferences in the widget's edit mode, or
even select a widget from the Lotus Mashups toolbox, the IBM Mashup
Center catalog, or any other widget providing server for display on a
portal page. The user's level of flexibility can be controlled by an
Administrator who can configure the portlet to suit the user's
requirements and also manage the access to the widgets by using
WebSphere Portal's fine grained access control.

IBM WebSphere Portal Widget Portlet Editor (part of the package) can be
used by Administrators to conveniently provide a set of predefined
widgets to the portal users. Administrators can control access and
permissions for widgets in portal. Based on their level of permissions,
users can drag and drop these widgets from the portlet palette to their
portal pages like any other portlet..."

I have yet to download the portlet, but am advised that there should be
two WAR files within the downloadable ZIP file; one WAR is for WebSphere
Portal 6.0 ( and uses the Java Standard Portlet API 1.0 aka JSR 168 ),
the other WAR is for WebSphere Portal 6.1 ( and uses the Java Standard
Portlet API 2.0 aka JSR 286 )

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