Monday, 15 September 2008

Mashups and Portals

Just starting to get my head around this whole new world of mashups,
widgets, iWidgets etc. in the context of my first(ish) love, portals.

Will post more when I get it totally sorted, but it's looking good so far.

The one thing that I did prove this weekend is that Lotus Widget Factory
can produce widgets, which can be exported as .MODEL files directly into
WebSphere Portlet Factory. Think of LWF as a sub-set of the WPF
capabilities.Once imported, it's a simple matter of removing/disabling
the Widget Adapter and replacing it with a Portlet Adapter.

The other thing that I'd learnt ( at the Lotus TechJam ) is that I can
produce a mashup using Lotus Mashups - think of this as a simple(ish)
way to integrate data from various sources, perform a certain amount of
normalization, parse data into the right formats and then expose the
mashup as an ATOM feed .... which I can then consume using Lotus Widget
Factory or, in theory, using WebSphere Portlet Factory's REST Services

As I say, these are interesting but exciting times ..... watch this space.

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