Thursday, 4 September 2008

Using the Lotus Quickr sidebar in Lotus Notes 8.5 beta 2

Well, this one passed me by, until I installed the Notes 8.5 beta 2 code on a Windows XP machine and thought "Hey, where's the Quickr sidebar gone?". I fiddled and faffed around deinstalling/installing the Quickr Connectors ( qkrconn.exe ) but to no avail. I was just about to give up and go back to 8.0.2, when I found this on Stu's blog : -

As many of you will be aware, the public beta for Notes/Domino 8.5 kicked off last month, and many of us will be running Notes 8.5 as our main clients from now on (yes I know, it's beta code...).

One of the downsides of doing just that is that the Quickr connectors were not supported in this new client release.  However, as part of Quickr/Domino Hot Fix 11, there is a new version of the connectors that slots into the 8.5 beta client.

Just head over to IBM Fix Central to grab the download.

Stu acknowledges Bram Withaar for the tip, and I'm acknowledging Stu for helping me find Bram which helped me find the hotfix .................... did I also mention that I found Stu via Matt Newton's internal blog post ??

Just to be 100% clear; I needed to download the hotfix for the Quickr Connector rather than the full Quickr product.

I downloaded Hotfix 5 for the Connectors: - (11.59 MB)

from Fix Central, installed it cleanly ( having already removed the original GA version of the Connectors and rebooted ).

Once I did this, all is well, and I can see my places in my Notes 8.5 beta 2 sidebar
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