Wednesday, 17 September 2008

WebSphere User Group

In Edinburgh today ( after a long but pleasant drive up yesterday ) for the WebSphere User Group meeting.

Sitting in the hotel atm dosing up on coffee before I head out into the rain. Briefly met some colleagues/partners for a drink last night, but wimped out after a few beers, as my bed was calling me.

Should be a good day today - a lot of good speakers, IBMers and real people :-)

Although I'm a portal guy ( and, therefore, kinda bonded to Lotus ), there's a lot of overlap; WebSphere Portal is a WebSphere-based product within the Lotus Brand; it runs on WebSphere Application Server and, therefore, aspects such as performance, security, web services support etc. are relevant. In addition, Mashups are coming around the corner as tactical/prototyping tools, so there's an obvious WebSphere link there also ( along with other bits of IBM software ).

In addtion, it's a good learning opportunity, and a chance to meet/greet people ( and, as importantly, enjoy a stroll around one of my favourite cities ).

Right, one more slurp and I need to hit the street ....

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