Sunday, 5 October 2008

CWWIM0515E The 'CN=wpsadmin,O=ibm' entity is not in the scope of the 'defined' realm

Have been getting this dratted error message all day, since I migrated my WebSphere Application Server server ( running Lotus Mashups 1.0 ) to a Domino LDAP server.

I think I've done everything right, but I'm still getting: -

each time I try and log in to Mashups.

There is a corresponding message in SystemOut.log: -

CWWIM0515E The 'CN=wpsadmin,O=ibm' entity is not in the scope of the 'defined' realm.

The WAS 6.1 Information Centre refers to the message here but merely states: -


The operation cannot be performed because the specified entity is not in the scope of the realm.

Programmer Response

Ensure that the unique name of the entity is specified correctly. If a realm name is specified in the Context object of the input object, ensure that the name is spelled correctly.

Am still digging into it - applying fixpacks and fixes like a mad thing ..........

I experienced a similar issue after federating Websphere Portal 6.1 WMM using both the integrated user registry and a domino LDAP registry.

Websphere doesn't allow to put a user from a realm in another realm's group.

I don't know if this is your case but my inderstanding is that users cannot "cross" a registry.

Maybe you need to re-create the user in ldap and delete it from the file user registry.
digg the web and ibm support site for this, there's a file which does not get updated, I think I ran into this as well.
@Daniele, @Radu

Thanks to you both for your kind comments - in the end, the problem was (basically) down to the fact that I needed to be on the right version of WAS ( ) and apply a fix to ease the use of Domino LDAP ( PK63326 ).

I've documented my progress thus far here on the Lotus Mashups wiki

Regards and Thanks

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