Monday, 27 October 2008

Intrepidly going where no one ( apart from an ibex ) has gone before ...

Well, I had some free time this PM, so I downloaded the Release Candidate code for the next Ubuntu release, Intrepid Ibex ( aka 8.10 ), from here.

Seems good so far - interestingly, I had 110 MB of updates to install once I'd installed the RC code, which kinda makes sense given that the GA is due in three days time.

Network Manager seems to have improved somewhat, although it still didn't want to work with my company's LEAP wireless network. Will see how it manages when I'm back on the road later this week.

Other than, it looks pretty good - Firefox 3.0.3 installed oob, along with Evolution ( which I'm going to try and get along with as an alternative to my favourite client, Thunderbird ). Interestingly, Open Office 2.4 is still included, rather than 3.0. Again, this might be a RC vs. GA thing.

Will see whether the suspend/resume and projector support has improved and update this post later in the week.

Have just installed the beta of Notes 8.5 so am going to fire up and see if I've got any real work to do :-)

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