Thursday, 16 October 2008

Updating the iPod Touch

Back in September, I blogged about the error messages that I was seeing when I tried to update my iPod Touch to the most recent software level ( 2.1 ).

I was getting errors 1602, 1604 and 2002, despite plugging/unplugging, booting/rebooting, installing/reinstalling etc. I'd tried most everything, but nothing seemed to work.

Last night, I cracked it - following a blog post, I temporarily disabled my Symantec Anti-Virus ( File System Auto-Protect ) and Symantec Client Firewall. This allowed me to restore the iPod to the v1.x software stack. I tried the v2.1 update again this AM, and it failed - again, I disabled firewall and anti-virus, and ..... voilá it worked.

Not sure whether I did need to disable both or one of the Symantec services, but it worked, it worked, it worked.

PS In case it helps, I'm running iTunes on Windows XP SP2

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