Sunday, 5 April 2009

Change of Job - Moving from one side of the fence to the other

Well, apart from being the beginning of a new tax year here in the UK, and also being Pay Day (!), I'm pleased to report that, for me, April 6 is the beginning of something new and shiny for me.

After 4+ in a pre-sales technical role, I am pleased to report that I'm now joining IBM Software Services for Lotus ( known as ISSL ) as a Portal Architect. From my perspective, this is a great move for me, as I'm joining a most excellent team of professionals, who provide consultative, technical and project management experience to IBM's clients across the world.

I'll be focusing on portal-related projects, which kinda makes sense given my experience with IBM's WebSphere Portal platform over the past 6 years.

For the record, I cut my teeth with Portal 4.1, learned to love it across multiple platforms including AIX and OS/400, wondered through the wonderful world of Workplace, and have been involved in numerous Portal 6.X projects since 2006 ( anyone remember Cafe Culture ? ).

From my perspective, I'm now getting the chance to practice what I have been preaching over the past few years.

I'll do my best to keep this blog updated, as it should continue to serve me well as an aide memoire as, to misquote T Clancy Esq. "If you don't write it down, it never happened".

If you're interested in knowing more about ISSL, why don't you check out the website here.

Dave - good luck in the new role.
We'll miss you from your current role, Dave. Good luck with everything you do in ISSL - hopefully we'll get to work together even more often in your new capacity ;-)
@John, cheers - it'll be fun :-)

@Stuart - thanks for the kind comments; here's hoping re the working together bit
Congratulations Dave! Best of luck in your new position.
@Bruce, many thanks - appreciate the kind words
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