Monday, 29 June 2009

SMTP task fails to start on Domino 8.5 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3

When trying to start the Domino SMTP task on my RHEL 5.3 box, I kept seeing: -

SMTP Server: Listener failure: 'bindsock' is missing, not executable, not owned by root, not setuid root or user needs net_privaddr privilege
Suspending listen task for 20 seconds due to network errors
Unable to bind to port = 6400 errono = 98 "Address already in use"

As usual, a quick Google search ( other search engines are available ) pointed me at this TechNote: -

which indicated a conflict with the sendmail task.

Being a command line junkie, I used the following command to check that sendmail was, indeed, the culprit: -

chkconfig --list | grep -i sendmail

which returned: -

sendmail       0:off 1:off 2:on 3:on 4:on 5:off 6:off

e.g. that it was set to run whenever the server was at runlevel 3 or 4.

Now I generally run my servers at runlevel 3 ( multiuser without X11 ), so this made sense.

That being the case, I disabled the task as follows: -

chkconfig --level 34 sendmail off

and checked that it was definitely OFF using: -

chkconfig --list | grep -i sendmail

Having done this, I then forced the sendmail task to shut down ( I could have simply rebooted ) using the command: -

killall sendmail

which then allowed the SMTP task to start after it's 20 second delay ( on port 25 ).

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