Thursday, 2 July 2009

Wierdness when installing Lotus Quickr Services for WebSphere Portal 8.1.0

During this project, I hit a really really strange problem whereby an installation of Quickr Services for WebSphere Portal ( aka QS4WP ) completed successfully BUT did not allow me to log on, or use the site.

When I dug into the logs ( SystemOut.log ), I saw the following exception: -

[30/06/09 15:38:16:859 BST] 0000000a ApplicationMg W WSVR0100W: An error occurred initializing, portletWiring_web_app_12ljiwqp Failed to open /opt/IBM/Quickr/PortalServer/installedApps/portletWiring_web_app_12ljiwqp.ear
[30/06/09 15:38:16:865 BST] 0000000a ApplicationMg W WSVR0100W: An error occurred initializing, Portlet_Manager_12ljj1sr Failed to open /opt/IBM/Quickr/PortalServer/installedApps/Portlet_Manager_12ljj1sr.ear


When I checked the disk location ( /opt/IBM/Quickr/PortalServer/installedApps/portletWiring_web_app_12ljiwqp.ear ) of one of the affected applications, the directory structure was intact BUT the sequence of characters that comprise the file name were completely different.

After a number of uninstalls/reinstalls, I decided to take a different approach, and look at the source images that I was using for the installation itself.

I'd started with a complete set of images, which I had downloaded last year. Some of these were failing to unpack, and I was seeing various CRC errors. Therefore, I'd downloaded replacements for SOME of the images.

I think that this was the root cause of the problem - given that IBM packages Quickr ( and its constituent products, WebSphere Portal Server and Lotus Web Content Management ) as archived installations - in essence, IBM installs the products, ZIPs up the file system and then delivers it in the various installation media IL-3, IL-4 etc.

I performed a completely fresh download of Quickr, ran the installation, and all was well.

As a matter of interest, the current working installation DOES have the aforementioned file path ( /opt/IBM/Quickr/PortalServer/installedApps/portletWiring_web_app_12ljiwqp.ear ) which would seem to confirm my opinion, which is nice.

In conclusion, don't mix and match downloaded images, especially where archive installations are concerned.

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