Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Installing Lotus Connections 2.0.1 Fixpack ... not very wizardly

Having identified the LC2011 fixpack as a potential solution to a problem I was having; the message: -

Please wait while the topics are loading... 

is displayed ad infinitum when viewing a Community, even though the separate Forum link on the left-hand sidebar works perfectly.

I downloaded the Update Installer from here and the fix pack from here.

Having expanded the Update Installer to /opt/IBM/WebSphere/LotusConnections/update and having copied the 250 Mb update ( LC2011_Fixpack.jar ) to /opt/IBM/WebSphere/LotusConnections/update/fixpacks, I tried to install the fixpack via the Wizard ( ).

Sadly, it failed to find the fixpack even though I led it by the hand through my path to the correct directory :-(

Thankfully, Luis Benitez had the answer ( as he usually does ), which is to avoid the Wizard for fixpacks and, instead, use the command line option instead: -

[root@connectionsdemo ~]# . /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv01/bin/ 
[root@connectionsdemo ~]# ./ -fixpack -installDir /opt/IBM/WebSphere/LotusConnections -fixpackDir /opt/IBM/WebSphere/LotusConnections/update/fixpacks -install -fixpackID LC2011_Fixpack -wasUserID cadmin -wasPassword passw0rd

As my frolleague, Chris Moore, would say ... "That's the badger!"

PS Did the fix pack resolve my issue with forum topics ? No, but that's another story.

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