Friday, 23 October 2009

When your VPN doesn't want to play ball on OSX ... flush your roots ( routes actually )

For some reason, my VPN connection doesn't always want to work when I wake up my Macbook, even if I wasn't  actually using it. As an example, I was working in the office today on a fixed Ethernet connection, with no need to run the VPN and the AirPort wireless adapter turned off.

When I got home and woke up the Macbook, I turned on the AirPort, connected to my home wireless, and started my VPN client ( Lotus Mobile Connect ). Whilst the VPN connected without problems, I was still unable to connect to any intranet sites, either via browser or Notes client.

I've seen this problem before on OSX and on Linux, but couldn't ( for 20 minutes or so ) remember the solution ....

Finally, during an episode of the Simpsons in which Homer shows American sports stars how to celebrate when they win something ( endzone run ? ), I remembered the solution.

a) Open the Terminal application
b) Enter sudo route flush
c) Enter your password
d) Wait for the command to complete
e) Disable / enable Airport
f) Restart the VPN client

There's probably a better way but .....

Remember "Nerds Do It ... Rarely" 

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