Wednesday, 11 November 2009

IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale 6 - Review to come

Although it has not yet come up on one of my Portal projects, it's been a fact for some time that WebSphere Portal can be clustered to extremes via the WebSphere Extended Deployment. Therefore, it's timely that I am awaiting a copy of Anthony Chaves' book IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale 6 from Packt Publishing.

From Packt's site, here's a brief synopsis: -

Build scalable, high-performance software with IBM's data grid
  • Get hands-on experience with eXtreme Scale APIs, and understand the different approaches to using data grids
  • Introduction to new design patterns for both eXtreme Scale and data grids in general
  • Tutorial-style guide through the major data grid features and libraries
  • Start working with a data grid through code samples and clear walkthroughs
Not sure that I'll completely understand all of the content (!) but it should prove to be a useful reference, and will help me grow my understanding, especially as to how eXtreme Scale infrastructure works.

Watch this space ...

Hi Dave -

WXS provides an "out of the box" plugin to allow it to handle HTTP session management. Do you know if it works with Portal?

Basically the implementation is to provide a servlet filter added to the web.xml (of the wps.war?) to intercept the HTTPSession object with a WXS-specific one - any reasons this wouldn't work?
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