Monday, 18 January 2010

Installing WebSphere Portal Server 6.1.5 on Windows ...

Whilst working to help out a colleague who was struggling with the download of the relevant images, I was able to successfully download and install WebSphere Portal Server 6.1.5 onto Windows ( I'm using XP as a dev. environment, running under VMware Fusion 3 on my Mac ).

I used the following script to unpack the images: -

unzip -d c:\temp\W-Setup
unzip -d c:\temp\W-1
unzip -d c:\temp\W-2
unzip -d c:\temp\W-3
unzip -d c:\temp\W-4
unzip -d c:\temp\W-5
unzip -d c:\temp\W-5A

using the ubiquitous unzip.exe tool ( part of PKZip iirc ) to expand the ZIP files.

Hope this helps ...

Thanks Dave, just what I was looking for.
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