Monday, 1 February 2010

Using WebSphere Portal documentation offline

 I've been trying to use the WP documentation off-line, in preparation for a client project later this week.

The WebSphere Portal 6.1.5 Information Centre is available offline, from this page: -

specifically, via this link ( as a ZIP file ).

This ZIP file then references the "...the IBM User Interface Help System built on Eclipse...".

However, when I Google'd for this, I found: -


This technology has graduated.

The IBM User Interface Help System Built on Eclipse framework can be found running help systems within many IBM products. Additionally, the framework is being used to provide information centers for most IBM products. These information centers are available on-line and frequently they are also made available with the product itself to be installed locally.


here: -

That wasn't a whole lot of help ...

Thankfully, thanks to one of my colleagues ( thanks, Cali ! ) bookmarking this page: -

IBM User Interface Help System Built on Eclipse〈=en_US&cp=UTF-8

from where one can download the 8 MB plugin.

In conclusion, I'm hoping that a combination of this: -

and this: -

and this: -〈=en_US&cp=UTF-8

will do the job.

More to follow ...

Well, that was MUCH easier than expected - I did the following: -

a) Created a subdirectory for the new documentation: -

mkdir /Users/davehay/Desktop/Docs/SWG/Lotus/WebSphere Portal/Documentation

b) Extracted the contents of the file into this subdirectory, giving me this: -

/Users/davehay/Desktop/Docs/SWG/Lotus/WebSphere Portal/Documentation/ibm_help

c) Extracted the contents of into the ibm_help/eclipse/plugins subdirectory: -

/Users/davehay/Desktop/Docs/SWG/Lotus/WebSphere Portal/Documentation/ibm_help/eclipse/plugins

d) Started the IBM Help web application ( it's actually a Tomcat webapp ): -

cd /Users/davehay/Desktop/Docs/SWG/Lotus/WebSphere Portal/Documentation/ibm_help

e) Opened Firefox and navigated to http://localhost:8888

f) Used the Information Centre ...

*AND* I didn't need to use standalone Eclipse in the end
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