Friday, 5 March 2010

Lotus Mobile Connect on Linux and DNS

Whilst helping out a friend, Mike, with a Lotus Mobile Connect on Ubuntu issue, I realised that I'd never actually written the solution up.

Mike was connected, via LMC to a VPN within the company network, whilst being connected to the intranet via a wired connection. All was well, apart from the fact that he was then unable to log in to the Sametime server that's on the intranet.

When we checked, it appeared that the LMC connection was updating the DNS name resolution ( on Linux, this is driven by the /etc/resolv.conf file ).

The solution ?

a) Disconnect from LMC
b) Open a command prompt
c) Navigate to the directory - /home/<USERNAME>/.wclient
d) Edit the file - connX.conf - where X is the number of the LMC connection needing change e.g. 0 for the first connection, 1 for the second connection etc.
e) Change GatewaySuppliesDNS=1 to GatewaySuppliesDNS=0
f) Save the file and reconnect via LMC

Having done this, Mike was able to connect to the VPN'd hosts via LMC whilst also connecting to Sametime, Notes etc. via the normal intranet.

Seemples !!

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