Saturday, 15 November 2008

Cracked It - Web Application Integrator Portlet and WebSphere Portal 6.1

I'd tried, and struggled, to get the Web Application Integrator portlet working within WebSphere Portal 6.1.

I had previously blogged about this whizzy little portlet, when I had it working with WebSphere Portal 6.0, but thought I'd hit a bug feature with the new version of Portal.

The last few times out, I was able to deploy the portlet without huge problems, created the URL link against the external page/site, generated the JavaScript tag, added it to the external page and ... nowt. I was able to access the URL as a new portal page, but there was no portal navigation presented.

I re-read the documentation, re-read a few wiki posts ( here and here ) and, eventually after patience, tea and biscuits, I got it working.

The trick was to add the the JavaScript tag immediately after the BODY tag.

I can now use the WAI portlet to integrate other applications, such as Lotus Connections and Lotus Quickr.


We also tried using the WAI but found that it doesn't work when used below the first level of portal's page navigation. For example, if I want to integrate with Quickr I might want to put the portlet on a page such as Applications > Collaboration > Quickr. This doesn't work because it screws up the portal navigation.

I created a PMR and IBM confirmed this limitation. They wouldn't call it a defect because they said it was never a requirement for the WAI to work below the top level of navigation. :(

Have you encountered this? Are you ok with simply integrating in the top level of navigation?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Justin, until I read your comment, I had not tried this specifically. It does work e.g. I can render a WAI page at the second level, but I do lose the left-hand navigation option. I'll play further, but this may well be a limitation, regards, Dave
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